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Medicines & the Local Pharmacies

Local Pharmacies are under extreme pressure at the moment and need your help and forebearance to function.

DART (Dirleton Area Resilience Team) are able to help you get your prescription. Volunteers will collect it for you.
email - to ask for your prescription to be collected. You will be asked to sign a form giving them permission to collect on your behalf.
Please allow ample time for this service as pharmacists are very busy. Ten days to two weeks for your prescription to be ready from when you order from your G.P. For repeat prescriptions, please try and get them into the DART delivery system a week before you need to start your mediaction.

This is the advice from a local Pharmacist:
Please ask patients not to keep phoning us unless it is absolutely necessary, it is very disruptive where the phone rings constantly and we are continuously asked the same things.

The common replies we have to make are......

No we do not have hand cleanser.

No, you’re prescription is not ready yet, if you phone us and we say that it will be ready in three or four days that is the truth, don't keep ringing or calling in the next day ‘just in case we have made it up’ as this seriously disrupts our workflow.

Yes we have paracetamol, but we are restricting supply at the moment while we get new supplies and/or break down larger units into packs of 30’s, please be patient with us.

More importantly, there is no urgency to get your supplies if you don't actually need them, we can maintain supplies normally if people behave normally.

Order prescriptions the normal way about 10 days before you need replenishing your supply, we will have it ready about 5 days later.

Even more importantly, the pharmacy network will not be closing down, we are working very hard to help everyone but we need everyone to help us by listening to us and doing as we ask you to do. There are good reasons for thi, one os to help us manage the workload, the other is to help protect me and my staff as we are very exposed to the virus, and by extension to help us protect you.

If patients have genuinely run out of medicine we can help them, but if they have enough to last some days, or weeks, or months, please ask them to hold back until we can overcome the backlogs.