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The nine bids for Village Voices Funds

These are the projects that have applied to Village Voices, Village Choices.
You will be able to vote for FIVE of the NINE ideas listed here
1. Andrea Mannion: Senior Mo(ve)ments, Dance Fitness Classes for Seniors
This popular class started up in the Kirk Hall this Autumn. Andrea’s bid is to keep it going throughout 2020 by funding the cost of hiring the Kirk Hall. Participants quickly feel fitter! Sessions are sociable and fun.
2.Dirleton Book Club: The Book Nook - Phone Box Book Exchange & History Trail
The village Phone Box is being decommissioned, but this bid aims to keep it as an iconic village meeting-up hub - as a book swapping library and with a panel of local history and leaflets to follow a history trail of the village.
3. Dirleton Bowling Club: Bowling for Women - Bowls suitable for women starters
Bowls are heavy and the practice bowls at the Club are all men’s sizes and discourage women wanting to have a try before committing to the game and buying their own equipment. This bid would allow lady beginners and children to try the sport with suitable bowls and feel encouraged to keep playing.
4. Dirleton Crafters: Provide a ‘Bank’ of Materials & Tools and Master Classes
This new Dirleton group want to provide materials for a range of sessions to suit different interests, on the model of trying a craft in a friendly social set-up and if you enjoy it, going on to explore it with professional practitioners to teach you.
5. Dirleton Jogging Group: Leader Training and event promotion
Dirleton Jogging Group has set up two regular weekly sessions. They want to train up 3 Jogging Leaders for the group, and purchase signs and publicity materials to further promote this new group.
6. Dirleton Kirk: ‘Screen on the Green’: Roll-up screen for Kirk Hall Group use
A number of local groups regularly use the Kirk Hall for meetings, and this bid proposes installing a permanent roll-up screen for all to use and in particular, to use for the proposed Film Screenings project ‘Screen on the Green’. A quality screen enhances projected images.
7. Dirleton Playgroup: Embracing ICT is Fun! Cameras & CD Player for Children
This proposal is to purchase a CD Player and V tech cameras for the children to combine music, stories, games and photography in an imaginative exploration of their surroundings and the village.
8. Dirleton Primary School: The Herb Hub – a Herb Garden to share with the Dirleton Community
A dedicated Herb Garden is proposed for the playground, with the upgrading of an existing roofed planter and new surrounding planters. The herbs will be shared with the village at the Lunch Hub and villagers will be encouraged to visit the playground harvest herbs from this Hub.
9. Grace Turnbull: Pilates for Wellbeing
Grace is an experienced teacher of fitness and health and plans to hold a weekly Pilates class in the Kirk Hall throughout 2020.Bid to fund use of Kirk Hall.