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Minute of DVA meeting of October 2018

Proposed at the DVA meeting of 17.1.19 by John Finlay and seconded by Fred McClintock

Minute of Meeting of 18th October 2018

Present: D Holloway, L Duncan, B Nimmo, V Nimmo, C Drysdale, T Drysdale, N Steel, A Orr, F Dingwall, K Cornwall, B Thomson, A McClintock, M Chynoweth, S Low, D Carter

Apologies: K Hamer and M McNie

Approval of the Minute of the August 2018: Proposed by F Dingwall and seconded by K Cornwell.

Defibrillator: CH is going to organize a talk on how to use the equipment. This is now likely to be a date in the New Year.
A sign is still to be affixed to the wall highlighting the position of the new defibribillator – this is now an urgent matter so should be completed as soon as possible.

Public Realm Stewardship Project: DC had a meeting with appropriate person but was told that due to Dirleton being a village it was not able to apply under “town centre regeneration” category.
DC remains hopeful that the Area Partnership and third party funders might help with the funding of the public realm project.
One of the components of the project may be ways of slowing the traffic through the village.

The 3 Area Partnership 2018 budget requests:
Bus shelter roof – funding request likely to be approved.
Bowling Club – funding request has been made to assist with cost of initial technical survey of likely overall costs.
War Memorial – funding request also made to fund Open Reach survey re potentially moving overhead telephone cable.
With the Area Partnership allocated funds to be spent in this financial year, with other applications from other villages not being submitted Dirleton may be a beneficiary in terms of obtaining the funding requests above.

Castlemains Farm Planning application: To date no appeal or third application. Applicants will have until Christmas to lodge an appeal.
It is still not clear why Historic Scotland did not object to the application and DC is going to take this up with them.
Similarly, the design brief for the site was changed by the council officials 3 weeks prior to the decision on this site – a change which, on the face of it, appeared to favour the applicant’s design. This again needs to be investigated.

Landscape Maintenance and A Village Green Plan: Brian Moody is meeting the DVA to discuss the involvement of the school children in a “Green Plan” for Dirleton, including the possibility that the school might produce this. It could include wild flower and the planting of native species.

Dying sycamore near Auburn: now felled.

Bowling Club Repairs and Upgrade Project: Discussions on going with Bob Simpson re lease. Once lease in place this will assist in grant applications.

Bus Service to Haddington and Hospitals: KC is investigating this and has had a discussion with the bus operator. With a review of all bus services next year, it is important that all possible user groups write to stress how important linking this service to Dirleton might be.

Resilience Plan: Sandy Baptie of ELC will speak at the AGM.

New Committee and Office Bearers: New Chair sought and volunteers/Nominations for the Committee welcome.

AOB: AM updated the meeting re Fete and Games Committee. Chair has resigned and new Chair is being sought. This has slowed disbursement of funds but FM is hopeful that a meeting can be held in November to resolve these matters.

Next meeting: AGM on 15th November at 7.30pm.