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Minute of DVA meeting of August 2018

Proposed at the Meeting of October 18th 2018 by Felicity Dingwall and seconded by Keith Cornwell
Present: K Cornwell (acting Chair), A Orr (acting Minute Secretary),F Dingwall, S Cornwell, C Hamer, B Nimmo, V Nimmo, M McNie, T Drysdale, C Drysdale, J Main
Apologies: D Carter, S Low, S Steel, W Main
Approval of the Minute of the May Meeting: Proposed By Felicity Dingwall and seconded by Mary McNie
Items Carried Forward: Carol Drysdale complimented on the success of the Village Open Gardens with takings of £5,625, which were distributed with 40% to RNLI, 40% to Scotland’s Gardens Scheme and 20% to DVA. The Amalfi Cafe has opened since the last meeting and seems to be very successful, with a new winter menu likely.
Data Protection: The DVA policy was agreed at the last committee meeting. Details regarding how to view it will be circulated with the Membership forms for the new DVA year. It will be uploaded onto the website and hard copies will be available.
Defibrillator: FD has been sorting out the insurance situation as C Middleton was concerned about her responsibility if the new machine sited in her garden malfunctioned. The current insurance for the hanging baskets will be extended at no extra cost to cover public liability but not the equipment or malicious damage. CH arrived at a later stage of the meeting and was able to confirm that now the insurance had been sorted, the new machine signage will be put in place, and it also be registered with the Scottish Ambulance Service. It was suggested that Issy Anderson should be asked to provide a demonstration at the DVA October meeting (CH to action?).
The Dirleton Public Realm Stewardship Project: DC is meeting with Jamie Baker of the Town Regeneration Team on 29th August, and has been informed that the HLF Townscape Heritage Programme is being reinstated in January 2019, which will be relevant to grant applications to improve the Kirk parking strip and overhead lighting cables.
Three Dirleton items requested from NBCAP 2018 Budget: The repair of the bus shelter has been designated a main priority and is likely to be funded. Sandra King is exploring the costs and DC has also provided a quotation of £2700. DC has also requested a quotation for providing technical advice for the Bowling Club repair and upgrade. Nothing can however be taken forward regarding the Bowling Club until the Club’s negotiations with B Simpson concerning the lease are completed.
Castlemains Farm Planning Application: It was noted that further additions to the plans have been submitted recently, but TD thought it was questionable whether these would require a re-advertisement of the application It is not yet known when the application will come before the ELC Planning Committee (the next meetings are on 4 September and 2 October.)
Landscape Maintenance: There was some confusion about which long grass areas DC wishes to maintain and plant with wildflowers, and the matter was left to ask him to explain. A desire was expressed not to disturb existing spring bulbs and to require the council to be consistent in areas to be cut or left wild once clarified.
Dying Sycamore to be felled: It has now been confirmed that the dead tree near Auburn will be felled by the Council.
Any DGN Business: AO explained that DGN was coming to the end of its first year and reports will be completed and circulated both on its finances and the successes and failures of its activities. DGN is currently recruiting a management committee and will be working with the Primary School on a Food for Thought project. KC commended the success of the Lunch Hub as a positive addition to the village.
Any GACC Business: TD reported that each village in East Lothian is being requested to provide a Risk Resilience Plan for emergencies such as the extreme cold weather last winter, and to appoint a coordinator who can liaise with the Council for future emergencies. It was decided that the DVA Committee should discuss this in more detail at their next meeting. TD also reported that a LPF grant has been approved of £1000 for a storage container for the Fete and Games items currently stored in a barn on Castlemains Farm. But this grant has not been paid pending a decision on its location. Retaining it on the Farm was seen as the most suitable for ease of access.
Any F& G Business: Some frustration was expressed that the profits of this year’s fete had not yet been published or how these will be distributed. FD pointed out that a recent F & G meeting did not have a quorum and so these matters could not be agreed. Jane Frier has also now stood down as chairperson of the F & G Club. TD stated that he had seen recent accounts which seemed in good order. FD was able to report that the Plant Stall had raised a record £724.79 for the DVA at the event, plus a further £50 post-fete sales. It was hoped that the results should be publicised asap.
AOCB: AO reported a complaint from a village parent whose child was endangered by vehicles driving too fast near the Playgroup. While those attending wished to cut down speeding, there was a wish to avoid more signage or speed bumps. KC pointed out that DC’s term as Chairman ends in November and a new chairperson will be required, but that this could perhaps be a less onerous position for next year as DC was prepared to continue to oversee the Castlemains Farm planning application and the Public Realm Stewardship Project. Suggestions for a new chairperson and new volunteers for the committee are now being sought.
Next Committee Meeting is September 20th and the Next Full DVA Meeting October 18th, with the AGM to be held at the November meeting.