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Dirleton Good Neighbours Privacy Policy

Friends of Dirleton Good Neighbours are kept updated with news and information on our own and other activities in the village, through a group mailing list which also carefully maintains your personal privacy. If you would like to join this list, use the website Contact form to get in touch - we promise not to bombard you with emails!
Dirleton Good NeighboursPrivacy Policy

Dirleton Good Neighbours (DGN) maintains a list of contacts - both Dirleton village residents and other interested individuals or organisations – to whom it regularly sends updates of its activities and related news. This list is based on the contacts being deemed to have an interest in the aims of the DGN. This list is referred to as Friends of Dirleton Good Neighbours in its constitution.

Aims: Dirleton Good Neighbours is a Constituted Community Group whose aims are to promote, encourage and organise community connections, activities and events for Dirleton residents and to liaise with local or relevant community groups. Personal data is stored by DGN as it relates to this deemed legitimate interest.

Personal data stored by DGN: Regular contact details of interested individuals or groups/organisations are stored by DGN – name, address , phone number and email address, plus a note of any interests, expertise , work experience or activities provided that are relevant to the aims of DGN. Copies of any relevant correspondence may also be stored. Contacts on this list may ask for details of the information stored regarding them.

How DGN makes contact with those on its list: Most DGN contacts are by group emails sent out regularly to everyone on DGN’s list using a Mailchimp programme. Smaller groups of individuals that are known to share similar specific interests (e.g. Lunch Hub volunteers, activity groups etc) will be contacted using an email group list. In all cases these group lists will not show the email details of other recipients of the group email, unless a group of individuals has become established and given their specific permission to be known to each other. Those on the DGN list may also be contacted by phone or letter if appropriate, particularly if the individual is not on email. Very occasionally DGN will mail-drop all village residents with a newsletter or information that is deemed relevant to all e.g. in 2018 an information leaflet on volunteer transport services was circulated. DGN is very conscious of the burden posed by excessive email contact, and will only contact those on its list sparingly with items that are deemed of genuine interest

Sharing of individual’s details: If contact details are requested of an individual on DGN’s list or otherwise known to DGN but not in the public realm, that individual will be informed of this request and can choose whether or not to allow this contact, or to respond themselves. DGN will not share any individual’s details with any third party without specific permission and does not envisage any situation in which it would request sharing its complete list with any other organisation.

Additions and Deletions to the DGN list: DGN will ask any individual or organisation for permission before adding their name to its list and provide them with a copy of its Data Protection Policy. Any individual on DGN’s list may ask at any time to be removed from this list with immediate effect.

Anne Orr, Coordinator, Dirleton Good Neighbours, 13thAugust, 2018
Chapelhill House, Dirleton, North Berwick EH39 5HG 01620 850 813,