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Minutes of DVA meeting of May 2107

Proposed at the Meeting of 17 August 2017 by Felicity Dingwall and seconded by Madeleine Barker
Minute of Meeting of 18 May 2017

Present: D. Carter (Chair); A. Orr (Treasurer); C. Hamer (Minute Secretary); T. & C. Drysdale; F.McClintock; F. Dingwall; K. Cornwell; W. & G. Main; M. McNie; W. Nimmo; D.Holloway; P. Duvivier; E.Sutherland; M. Chynoweth; G. Robertson; R. Mitchell; P. McDonald; N. Bruce; M. Peebles; J. & S. Selkirk;M. Peebles
Apologies: D. McDonald; E. Peebles; G. Presslie; S. Bruce
Approval of the Minute of the February Meeting: approved as a correct record on a proposal by R. Mitchell, seconded by F. McClintock
Lysander House/ Driftwood Lodge Presentation
Morag Whitelaw (MW), owner of Dovelight Wellbeing, and her planning consultant, Derek Scott(DS), gave a presentation on proposed change of use for Lysander House (LH) and DriftwoodLodge (DL). The key points are:
· Change of use planning application to be submitted for residential and non-residential retreat offering a wide range of holistic therapies ranging from 1-2 nights up to 4 weeks.
· Layout change to LH will add another bedroom for a total of 10 bedrooms.
· Redundant waste water treatment building to be converted to communal meditation room.
· Brick outbuilding to be converted to solitary meditation room.
· New stable block.
· New vegetable garden to be developed for nutritional therapy.
· MW explained the current and proposed businesses.
· Privately funded.
· Part-time and full-time staff including overnight
· Application validated 17th July 17/00595/P
Matters Arising:
· Mailchimp: Some members are not receiving minutes and other documents, whilst others receive the notification but can’t open documents. It transpires that the problem lies with ipads and Word documents. Pdfs appear to work for all. All Mailchimp documents to be
issued in pdf format in the future.
· Heart start defibrillator training remains with CH to secure a trainer Sue Northrop provided contact details for the Community Defibrilator Officer, Sam Grieve. (Action: CH) .
· Superfast broadband is now available to villagers through Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) – BT Infinity or check other providers.
· Castlemains - No news. Post meeting update – Cala are withdrawing their application and the same agent will be submitting a new application on behalf of Queensbury Properties.
Presentation at meeting on 24th August.
· Ware Road – Presentation at the Open Arms on 1st June.
East Lothian Councillor’s Report: No report available.
Community Council Report from meeting 27th April:
· Jeremy Findlay resigned from CC after being elected to ELC. New chairperson to be elected w/c 22nd May.
· The outstanding issues of the draft LDP have been submitted to the Scottish Government for consultation by the reporter.
· Police report is mainly traffic related.
· Gullane Bank of Scotland to close; discussions ongoing with Co-op regarding an external cash machine.
· North Berwick Charette to take place 30th May – 3rd June. A flyer and questionnaire have been distributed.
NBCAP – A.Orr attended Health & Wellbeing sub-group meeting. NB 1st Responders did a presentation - If you want to be located quickly ensure house name/number are displayed clearly.
A.Orr attended general meeting on 16th May. Discussions held regarding funding. Funding requests are being more closely vetted as more interest is shown. Dirleton have benefitted from renovation to public toilets and more recently Ware Road footpath. The cost of the latter has been partly carried forward to 2017/18 budget. Feedback is required from Dirleton PS and playgroup. A new NB map and guide has been produced.
DVA Constitution – DVA is a conservation orientated association and not social. Open discussion invited for changing the Constitution.
Village Enhancement Project: D. Carter ran through the outcome of the discussion day and responses.
· Total of 147 responses, which is considered to be good. The population figure of 850 quoted for the Dirleton area relates only to the Dirleton part of the electoral ward, not the whole ward.
· 61 attended the presentation day. Also a good level of response.
· The next stage is for the community DC to produce a draft version of a Village Plan based
on responses. This will then need to be discussed with ELC. DC to issue an action plan in c.
2 months.
ELC Maintenance – Ware Road footpath needs spraying to avoid it becoming overgrown otherwise it relies on footfall. Geogrid at the end of the green has been sprayed, now needs refilling and seeding. Council e-mailed regarding over zealous spraying.
Bowling Green – Dead trees are a result of a fungal infection of the roots due to damp conditions.
HES are implementing recommendations. Hydrology report recommends diverting water from village hall roof drainage. DC to suggest the study is extended beyond the castle grounds.
Fete & Games – Possible link up with HES for centenary event in 2018. HES need to know by September 2017. If a community event is held inside the castle grounds, then there is a £100 charge.
Defibrilator – Battery checked by CH.
Deer and Traffic – Seminar to be held at Gullane Village Hall 19th May. Problems with deer feeding in gardens in Gullane but not Dirleton, culling required? Work with Dave Wild to minimise impact.
Post meeting note: Archerfield estate has an expert who advises on deer habitat creation, viable herd population levels and culling.
Dates for the Diary
25th May - Gullane CC
Thursday 19th June - NBCAP
Saturday 24th June – Dirleton Fete & Games.
Date of Next Meeting: Committee Thursday 15th June; Full DVA Thursday 17th August.