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The Local Development Plan

The East Lothian local development plan (LDP) has taken an important step forward along its tortuous path to completion with its latest draft, and a significant body of subsidiary documents, being approved “for representation” at a full meeting of East Lothian Council on 6 September. Thus we now have a “proposed” LDP, which will be open for further consultation for a six week period from 19 September until 31 October. After that the Council planners will distil the representations they receive and if any cannot be resolved the plan will be submitted to a Scottish government reporter. In that event the government will thus determine the final shape of the plan. This stage is unlikely to be reached until sometime in 2018.
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for a note with further information about the proposed LDP as it now stands .

The subsidiary documents include three elements which may be important for Dirleton:-
First, approved supplementary planning guidance will give greater priority to housing development on sites included within the proposed LDP as now approved than to sites not included in it. This seems likely to give greater weight to the Castlemains Place site than the one at Foreshot Terrace / Ware Road.
Secondly, the Council have published a development brief for each of the sites which they have identified as suitable for housing development, setting out the development principles which will have to be met. Many of these conflict with what CALA are proposing for the Castlemains Place site. It is not clear how CALA will resolve this issue.
Thirdly, it is apparent from the Countryside Around Towns policy which is included in the LDP that that policy will be breached if any housing development is permitted along the north side of the village. In turn, it would seem that this will create a problem for Muir Homes in seeking to obtain planning permission for housing on the Foreshot Terrace / Ware Road site.
Click on this link to see a plan of the Countryside Around Town's policy as it relates to Dirleton.
A group reporting to the DVA committee is considering what representations should be made to Council during the consultation period.
Updated 19.09. 2016