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ELC Countryside Around Towns Policy - Dirleton

CAT Plan
Colour Key for the above map:
Deep Green - Proposed Countryside around Towns Policy area for Dirleton
Pale Green: Gardens & Landscapes
Turquoise: Site of proposed Castlemains Housing

ELC narrative relating to Dirleton in the context of the policy
Dirleton is a conservation village and includes the landscape setting of the village within its designated conservation area. Dominated by its castle situated on a knoll of high land, the rest of the village is generally flat rising only to the west. Trees to the west associated with the Archerfield Garden and Designed Landscape form the western boundary between the west edge of Dirleton village and the links. Its pattern of development has resulted in fingers of development extending northwards into the flat countryside integrating the village, including its larger landmark buildings to the north, with its surrounding countryside. Development on land to the north would detrimentally impact on the countryside setting and character of the village. The A198 bypasses the village to the south with small fields between the bypass and the built up urban edge and southern aspect of the castle. This is an important feature of the open southern aspect of the village that allows views of the built up edge of the village and the landmark castle. Tree groups around the village help it to integrate into the countryside. Land for expansion of Dirleton is proposed at Castlemains Place, retaining a similarly sized width of field between the bypass and the new urban edge as there is to the south of Gylers Road. Any further development to the south, east and west of the castle would detrimentally impact on its open countryside setting and interrupt views of the castle from the A198 coastal tourist route. The Countryside Around Towns policy at Dirleton contributes to the objective of protecting the landscape setting of the settlement – development on these sites would harm the landscape setting of the settlement.