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DVA Objections to Ware Road Application

The Draft of the DVA objections was discussed at an additional meeting on 12 October 2016.
Following this meeting a final submission incorporating some of this discussion was produced.
This document has now been finalised and submitted to the council
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Updated 24.10.16

Below is the letter sent by the DVA Chairman, Derek Carter, that accompanied the DVA submission.
East Lothian Council
24 October 2016

Dear Sir or Madam

Planning Application Numbers: 16/00710/PM and 16/00711/P
Proposed Development for 24 Dwellings at Ware Road, Dirleton
Objections of the Dirleton Village Association to the above Application(s).

Dirleton Village Association (DVA) is a Scottish Registered Charity constituted with the aims of preserving and improving the character of Dirleton village, encouraging high standards of planning and architecture through the stimulating of public awareness and co-operating with other like-minded bodies.

The Ware Road planning application was discussed in detail at a special meeting of the membership on 20th October 2016. It was agreed that the DVA should object to this proposed development. A draft of the following response was also placed on the village website for general comment.

The attached DVA objection document is based primarily, but not exclusively, on non-compliance with the proposed Countryside around Towns (CAT) policy for this picturesque Scottish conservation village as set out in the proposed Local Development Plan (LDP). Other objections relate to non-compliance with other sections of the LDP; precedence for future development; the design in relation to the conservation characteristics of the village, and the environmental impacts of the proposal. See the attached document.

I would be grateful to receive an acknowledgement of receipt of this objection.

Yours faithfully,

Derek Carter DVA Chairman, 24 October 2016