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Minutes of DVA Meeting of March 2016

Minutes of the DVA Meeting of March 17, 2016.
Proposed by Valerie Nimmo, Seconded by Weston Main
Minute of Meeting of 17 March 2016
Present: K. Cornwell (Chair); A. Orr (Treasurer); D. Holloway (Secretary ); J. Simpson; R. Simpson; W & G. Main; P. Ager; F. Dingwall; V. Nimmo; T & C. Drysdale; D. McDonald; N. Bruce; M. Barker; S. Cornwell, Cllr T. Day.
Apologies: R. Mitchell; S. Lewis; M. McNie; G. Presslie; P. Du Vivier; S. Oliver; J. Finlay; B. Nimmo; D. Berry; J. Goodfellow.
Approval of Minute of the February meeting: approved on a proposal by F. Dingwall, seconded by M. Barker.
Matters Arising: action is ongoing to remove advertising boards from the West end approach as and when they appear;
Tree thinning is underway in Hareup Plantation and Kirk Wood, and a sub group has been suggested in order to monitor what is going on around the estate as it may impact on the DVA objectives (Action: F.D, V.N, B.N, A.O)
T.D has met with planning officers who accept that more trees than is necessary may have been removed from the King’s Cairn development, but many were possibly unsuitable non-native trees anyway. A woodland management plan is to be prepared. No access to the coast will be allowed from the individual properties.
The remaining Manse Road improvements/repairs remain on the council’s programme., but need a letter to the ELC confirming the DVA requirments.
Planning Issues:
The CALA Homes presentation went ahead in the Open Arms, and feed-back forms have been circulated. The proposals now encompass 36 homes of which 10 are to be “affordable” but may be built by a third party. The deliverability of these houses should become clearer at the planning application stage. Access is planned onto Station Road close to the A198 junction. Concerns were raised regarding the increase in the number of dwellings, the indication that a third party may be required to build the affordable house, and the position of the access. These concerns should be communicated to CALA (Action KC).
If individuals have any comments or concerns about these proposals they should communicate them to CALA and/or the planning officers.
Muir Construction have notified ELC of their intention to submit a planning application for the Ware Road site and must embark on a public consultation exercise. They plan to address the Community Council meeting in the Kirk Hall on 31 March at 7.00pm. A Notice of the event should be emailed to all members and a letter hand delivered to all neighbouring properties on Main Rd, Foreshot Terrace, and Ware Road ( Action DH )
It is understood that a public exhibition and presentation is planned for the Open Arms on 15 April, more details to follow.
Council Report: there was nothing to report.
Community Council Report: TD reported that a road safety initiative had resulted in several motorists being stopped for speeding in Gullane and Aberlady;
The police report a house break in in Gullane and one recently in Dirleton;
CALA Homes have made presentations to the CC re two housing developments at Saltcoats Field and Fentoun Gate East in Gullane (140 and 60 houses respectively) with a public consultation to be held in the Golf Inn 18/19 March;
The CC has submitted objections to the Ballencrief anaerobic digestor proposal;
The recently relocated Post Office counter in Gullane is to close;
AOCB: Cllr TD is to provide contact details for the new Community Police officers for this area ( Action Cllr TD )
The Chairman indicated that the next meeting would be held in April in view of the ongoing planning issues. (Action DH)
The Chairman confirmed that, in accordance with the constitution both he and the secretary would be standing down at the AGM in November and volunteers are urged to come forward as soon as possible so that we could work together over the summer to ensure a smooth transition (Action: all Cttee Members )
Date of Next Meeting: Thursday 21 April 2016.