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Minutes of the 2014 AGM

Minutes of the 2014 AGM approved at the 2015 AGM meeting held on November 19 2015.
Approved by the DVA Committee
Minute of Annual General Meeting: Thursday 20 November 2014
Present: K. Cornwell (chair); D. Holloway (secretary); F. Dingwall (treasurer); N & N. Bruce; G. Duncan; D & P. McDonald; B & V. Nimmo; C. Hamer; M. Barker; T & C Drysdale; J. Earle; P. Du Vivier; G & F. Humpage; S. Crawford; S. Lewis; S. Cornwell; J. Johnstone; J. Simpson; G. Robertson; J. Goodfellow; V. Dawson; M. Cramond; M. Mabon; E. Munro; E. Sutherland; A. Orr; M. McNie; N. Steel; G. Presslie; S. Bruce.
Apologies: D & C Middleton; B. Thomson; K. Hamilton; S. Scott; J. Bruce; S. Oliver; M. Cramond; R. Murray; M & M Shankey; D & R Gray
Minute of AGM Held 21 November 2013: approved on a proposal from Carl Hamer, seconded by Bill Nimmo.
Matters Arising: Committee membership – all vacancies were filled by co-option during the year; the loan to the village shop was repaid in full.
Annual Report and Accounts for 2014: the Chairman noted that the Annual Report and Accounts for the year ended 31 August 2014 had been approved by the Committee at their October meeting and accepted by the independent examiner Alexander Kirkwood. The following items of note were described:
The Association continued for most of 2014 without a designated Chairman, individual Committee members stepping in for meetings on a rota basis;
Development proposals at Fenton Barns and Ferrygate Farm were the subject of letters of representation and presentations to the Planning Committee. Both applications were subsequently refused. Representations were also made re a development proposal at Ware Rd, Dirleton and discussions continue with the agent for the landowners.
The closure of the village shop was noted with regret and its future remains very uncertain; the hanging basket display was again superb, thanks to Felicity Dingwall and her band of volunteers.
The Chairman noted a long list of people who through their profession have supported the Association, and to the members for their ongoing support. In relation to the accounts the Chairman noted a healthy financial position which has been maintained following the Molly Ritchie legacy of £10k several years ago.
Election of Office Bearers and Committee: it was noted that Keith Cornwell had agreed to stand as Chairman for the coming year with Dave Holloway continuing as Secretary. Both were elected unopposed. Felicity Dingwall had decided to stand down as Treasurer after 5 years and was thanked for her excellent service. Anne Orr had volunteered to take over and was elected unopposed.
The Chairman noted that Nigel Bruce had decided to stand down from the Committee but would continue to support the Association as a member. He was thanked for his 10 years of constructive service. All of the remaining Committee members, including Felicity Dingwall, had agreed to continue in their role, with the addition of Robin Mitchell who had agreed to stand for election. With no other nominations coming forward all were duly elected.
Appointment of Independent Examiner: Alexander Kirkwood had agreed to continue as Independent Examiner of the accounts and this was approved.
Any Other Business: Main Issues Report – Tom Drysdale summarised the report making reference to development sites being identified as “preferred” or “alternative” in each community. All other sites were dismissed due to potential adverse issues. Within Dirleton only two sites were identified, Castlemains which was identified as preferred, and Ware Road, identified as alternative. Reference was also made to a possible large scale housing development at Fenton Barns (up to 1000 or possibly up to 6000 houses) as a medium to long term possibility. It was agreed that the Committee be remitted to review the report in detail and prepare a suitable response to bring back to the membership in Dec or Jan. A public meeting is to be held in NB Community Centre on 4 Dec followed by workshops.
Neighbourhood Watch – Maureen Mabon agreed to continue in her role taking on the full co-ordinator duties.
East Lothian Rail Partnership – Tom Drysdale will continue to represent Gullane and Dirleton, promoting our needs.
Xmas Lights and Tree – volunteers required on 27 November to erect the tree and install lights.
Senior Citizens Party – the Fete and Games Committee will run this event on 18 Dec in the Open Arms Hotel.
Primary School Xmas Fayre – to be held on 6 Dec in the Kirk Hall.
Date of Next Meeting: The next business meeting will take place on 18 Dec in the Kirk Hall at 7.30pm. Proposed meeting dates for 2015 were circulated with the agenda for the AGM.