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Edinburgh and South East Scotland: Strategic Planning Review

Edinburgh and South East Scotland Strategic Planning Review

The Community Council has made some blunt comments in its response to the recent consultation on strategic plans for the region, covering the period from now till 2037. We are determined to support policies which will protect the rural nature of our communities.

Hard on the heels of East Lothian Council’s Local Development Plan consultation (see below), the strategic planning authority for Edinburgh and South East Scotland (SESplan) has been undertaking a consultation on strategic planning issues affecting the whole region up to 2037. The Community Council has submitted comments on the proposals and the full text of its response can be accessed at
If you want to study particular issues in more detail, you may also want to look at SESplan’s Main Issues Report, at or its more digestible Easy Read Guide, at

The MIR sets out options for development, including where it should and shouldn’t be located. Key questions on which we have commented include the scale and direction of such development over the next twenty years and beyond and how the infrastructure and services needed to support it can be provided. The process of finalising the plan is a long one and is not scheduled to be completed until the spring or summer of 2018. We have commented in particular on the importance of policies intended to protect the rural nature of our communities.

Following the consultation on the new Local Development Plan, which was completed in February, East Lothian Council is expected to publish the draft of the Plan within the next couple of months.

The Community Council will continue to monitor these matters and to participate in consultation on them when we have the opportunity to do so.

October 2015