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Opening of Dirleton Village Gardens

Scotland’s Gardens Scheme 2018
Dirleton Gardens - June, 2018

There was a very successful opening of Dirleton gardens on 9 and 10 June 2018, with 18 owners agreeing to participate. The final total for the weekend was £5625.30. We received good advance publicity in the Courier and were blessed with wonderful weather on both opening days. The turn-out was therefore excellent.

I would like to thank all those who opened their gardens this year and hope they will all feel able to do so again in 2020. It seems a long time away at the present time but all the more time to try out some new ideas and planting. I hope that other garden owners will feel like opening and urge them to come forward and discuss things early on. I will keep in touch over the website and advise of changes notified by the Gardens Scheme offices.

As usual the RNLI volunteers provided tea in the Kirk Hall. This was much appreciated by me as organizer and as always it was very smoothly and efficiently run. It made a significant contribution to the weekend’s takings. I hope that the team will feel able to continue with this aspect in 2020.

The net proceeds of £5625.30 were divided as follows:-

Scotland’s Gardens nominated charities 40% £2250.12
RNLI 40% £2250.12
Dirleton Village Association 20% £1125.06
100% £5625.30

In the meantime, enjoy your gardens!

Carol Drysdale
Gardens Open organiser