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Minutes of DVA meetings

The Minutes Secretary of the DVA takes minutes of the meeting and pepares a draft, which is then circulated to members for comments. At the following meeting, those present are asked whether there are any further points to raise regarding the minutes. If not, the minutes are proposed and seconded for approval. Once this has happened, the minutes will be added to this website. A year's meetings are shown on this website. Please use the Contact Form if you have any queries regarding earlier Minutes.

Click on the meeting date to see the full copy of the minutes.

Draft Minute of of the DVA Meeting of January 2019

Minute of the DVA meeting of October 2018

Minute of the DVA meeting of August 2018

Minute of DVA Meeting of May 2018

Minute of the DVA Meeting of March 2018

Minute of the DVA Meeting of January 2018

Minute of the 2016 AGM of the DVA

Minute of DVA Meeting October 2017

Minute of DVA Special General Meeting of August 2017

Minutes of May 2107 Meeting

Minutes of February 2017 Meeting

Minutes of December 2016 Meeting

Minutes of November 2016 Meeting

Minutes of September 2016 Meeting

Minutes of 2015 AGM of DVA

Minutes of August 2016 Meeting.

Minutes of June 2016 Meeting

Minutes of May 2016 Meeting

Minutes of April 2016 Meeting

Minutes of March 2016 meeting

Minutes of February 2016 DVA Meeting

Minutes of January 2016 DVA Meeting

Minutes of December 2015 DVA Meeting

Minutes of the 2014 AGM of DVA