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The Dirleton School Partnership

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The DSP (Dirleton School Partnership) was formed in 2007 when Parent Councils were set up to replace School Boards. The idea behind Parent Councils was to give parents more say in the running of their schools, to encourage all parents to be more involved in the life of the school and to be better informed about their children’s education.

The aims of Dirleton School Partnership are:
• To work in partnership with the school
• To promote partnership between the school, the pupils and all parents
• To promote the school’s welcoming ethos among all parents
• To develop and engage in activities which support the education and welfare of pupils
• To promote and encourage participation of parents in these activities
• To identify and represent the views of parents on the education provided by the school and other matters affecting the welfare of pupils
• To participate in the appointment procedures for Head Teacher and Principal Teacher appointments.

The parents of Dirleton’s pupils have lent their support to the school over many years in a wide variety of ways, including through fundraising, school clubs, in-school support, support with school outings, practical help and social events.

Examples of the sort of activities that the parents have supported or run in the past few years include:

(£6,000 raised in the last school year)
• Summer Garden Party
• Dinner at Dusk at the Walled Garden
• Christmas Fayre & Carol Singing

Practical help
• Running and supervising at discos
• Helping in the orchard
• Developing & maintaining the playground
• Running and helping at ‘out of school’ clubs
• Accompanying children on school trips

Having fun!
• The Dirleton BioBlitz
• Arts & Crafts Club, Wildlife Club, French Club
• Apple Festival
• Halloween Disco

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held in May every year. Other meetings are held roughly once a month throughout each school term, from 7.00pm to 9.00pm. They are usually held in the school, but occasionally they are held in the pub or Open Arms!
Any parent can be a member of the DSP and all are encouraged to do so, even if you will only be able to spare a few hours each term. As we are a small school with big ambitions, all help and ideas are welcomed!

Training for DSP members is available from East Lothian Council as required (for example, for anyone involved in Fundraising who may want training in Food Hygiene, or anyone accompanying Orchard trips who may need First Aid Training).

In order to deal with administration, a group of office bearers is elected at the Annual AGM.
The current office bearers are:
Chairperson: Emma Johnston
Vice Chair: Chelsea Elder
Treasurer: Vicky McArdle