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Small copper
At Yellowcraig during early-mid summer an array of orchids are on show. The earlier-emerging deep purple northern marsh orchids are usurped in July by the delicate common spotted orchids. Twayblades abound in the turf nursery area where a keen eye can distinguish the less obvious and more delicate frog orchid.
Invertebrates delight throughout the site. Speckled wood butterflies can be seen dancing in the dappled shade of woodland glades, while in the dunes the crimson winged cinnabar moths bright small copper butterflies, among many others, can be seen flitting between the myriad of dune grassland flowers.

Along the shoreline, eider ducks can be found in large flocks. Look out for the (brown) females looking after their chicks in crèches. Many of the males (black and white) will be flightless as they moult their feathers, giving them a somewhat dishevelled appearance.

Meadow grassland