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Migrating Geese

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While local farmers would not agree, for Dirleton residents one of the pleasures of Autumn is to be outside on a clear day and hear the distinctive honking of geese overhead and look up to see their arrow-shaped formations as they fly overhead. Nearby Aberlady Bay is a famous night-time roost for these pink-footed geese in September and October, and they can regularly be seen moving off the bay at dawn to feed in the surrounding fields and returning there at dusk in huge numbers. They have migratied from Iceland and Greenland. A few may stay around Dirleton for months, but most will move on.

Waterston House on the edge of Aberlady is the headquarters of the Scottish Ornithologists Club, and they have annual Goosewatch events at this time of year to mark the highpoint of this migration. But if you are not able to book, just go down to Aberlady Bay at dusk in Autumn, cross the wooden bridge and walk out beside the bay and watch the spectacle!