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Snowdrops at Archerfield

Snowdrops at Archerfield


The following are the most recent reports on meetings and events etc affecting the village
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Dirleton Primary School's Monthly Newsletter November 2019
Dirleton School Partnership Minute October 25, 2019 Click here
Minute of Dirleton Village Association September 2019 Meeting
Monthly Police Reports covering the Dirleton area Click here
Dirleton Neighbourhood Watch Click here for recent reports

An information pack has been delivered to every household in Dirleton and Archerfield. It includes details of how DART (Dirleton Area Resilience Team ) will work and contact details. It also includes forms for Volunteering and Asking for Assistance.Please use the Contact Form to let us know if you have not received it or need other copies.
GO to the Coronavirus section on this website for detailed information which is being updated daily.

Details of the Road Renovations around Kirk Green
This work started on Monday 10th March but completion was halted due to Coronavirus.
This work relates to the DVA award of £35,000 from the Road's Budget of the North Berwick Coastal Area Partnership for extensive improvements to the straight section of road and parking area leading to the Kirk and Kirk Hall and to deal with the road floodng issues beside Auburn House.

Renovation of Phone Box as a Book Exchange and History Trail The Local Priority Fund of the Community Council has approved a grant of £275 for a history triptych within the phone box. This means the project which is partly funded by Village Voices will now go ahead once it is permissable within Shut down restrictions due to Coronavirus.

Planning Applications have been lodged for extensive renovations to Auburn House (to the right of the Kirk Hall) and for the premises that formerly housed the Dirleton Gallery on Manse Road. There are two extensive set of plans, which can be viewed on the ELC website. Click here for access to this section of the council website, and then use these two codes to find the applications: 19/1106/LBC and 19/01106/P. For the DVA 's objection to some aspects of this proposal Click here

A Further Application has been made for Stabling on Manse Road in connection with the above.
Change of use of agricultural land for the erection of a stables block, arena with floodlights and roadways for the keeping of horses and associated works | Manse Road Dirleton East Lothian. Click here to see the DVA objection.