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December calendar pic

December Dirleton Calendar Picture


The following are the most recent reports on meetings and events etc affecting the village
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Results of Village Voices, Village Choices Voting
A big THANK YOU to everyone who voted for their favourite FIVE projects and made Dirleton's first attempt at Participatory Budgeting (PB) a big success.
There were a total of 136 votes - roughly half (71) took the opportunity to vote beforehand and 65 voted at Saturday's afternoon voting event.
PB is structured as a competitive process and there are therefore more Bids for Funding that can actually be funded, and so it proved for Village Voices, Village Choices.
Of the NINE projects that were approved by an Independent Panel to go forward to the Voting Stage, six were fully funded, one partially funded and two were unsuccessful.
The fully funded projects were (in alphabetical order) -
Dirleton Book Club (to use the decommissioned phone box for a book exchange and local History Information hub)
Dirleton Bowling Club (to purchase smaller ladies bowls)
Dirleton Crafters (to purchase craft materials & organise master classes)
Dirleton Kirk (to install a permanent roll-up projector screen in the Kirk Hall for group use)
Dirleton Playgroup (to purchase a CD player and child-friendly learning V-tech cameras)
Dirleton Primary School (to create a Herb Hub to share with the village)
Dirleton Joggers came seventh in the voting order, and so received £350 .

Andrea Mannion's existing Senior Movement Class and Grace Turnbull's proposed Pilates Class were the two unsuccessful bids as they received less votes than those listed above.
BUT another feature of PB is that there should be active steps made by the organisers to find alternative funding for unsuccessful bids. Dirleton Good Neighbours will now pursue this.
We now have seven very positive additions to village life and so feel it has been a very worthwhile exercise. Many thanks to the North Berwick Coastal Area Partnership and the Gullane Area Community Council for supporting Good Neighbours with the additional funding that made this project possible.

The meeting started with a tribute to Richard Gardner:
The death of Richard Gardner on 18th October, whilst in office as Chairman of the Association, is a matter of profound sadness. The committee remembers Richard as someone who was able to bring a calm, balanced approach to the sometimes challenging task of chairing DVA meetings. He conducted himself at all times in a professional and respectful manner. Richard was generous with his time, and his advice was always welcomed. He will be sorely missed.

The DVA Committee for 2019-2020 is as follows: Chair: Rob Aberdein; Honorary Secretary: vacant; Honorary Treasurer: Sheila Low; Minutes Secretary: Carl Hamer; Membership Secretary: Felicity Dingwall; Keith Cornwell; Mary McNie; Fred McClintock; Derek Carter; Madeleine Barker; David Tait
Ex Officio:Tom Drysdale (Community Councillor). One further Community Councillor Position: Vacant

Join in Dirleton Primary's Christmas Appeal
Goods for this appeal can be delivered to the school, the December Lunch Hub or North Berwick Community Centre
Brian Moody writes -
As we approach Christmas, we are mostly very fortunate that we can look forward to this festive time and all that it brings. However, there are some families who find this time incredibly difficult. As a school community, we agreed to support such families and we now ask for your support to do so. We work closely with the community development team who are based out of North
Berwick and through discussion with them, we would like to ask for your support in providing an act of kindness to support East Lothian families over the festive period. The community team in North Berwick are looking to fill a kindness
cupboard for families. The value that we voted top when we reviewed our school values was kindness, so...
CAN YOU HELP? with tinned, meat, fruit and vegetables. Long-Life milk and fruit juice. Jam, biscuits and dried foods such as pasta.
Aside from the Christmas food list, we are also appealing for you to donate some Christmas cheer in the form of toys/gifts for
young children right through to teenagers. Gifts/Toys should benew or nearly new (*in very good condition)
Any and all donations are gratefully received.
We will be donating what we gather on Tuesday 18th Dec.
Thank you in advance of your Christmas generosity.
B. Moody

Dirleton Lunch Hub's Dirleton Calendar 2020 is available price £6.50. It iwill be on sale at the month Lunch Hub on December 4th. See the above illustration. All profits will be used by Dirleton Good Neighbours for village activities.

The DVA's Sustainability Policy and Emergency Winter Resilience Plan
The DVA's Sustainability Policy for Dirleton and Gullane and Dirleton's Community Emergency Plan,which also includes Dirleton are now both availabe on this website. Click on the name of each to link to the document

Recent Road and Planning Issues
The DVA has been awarded £35,000 from the Road's Budget of the North Berwick Coastal Area Partnership for extensive improvements to the straight section of road and parking area leading to the Kirk and Kirk Hall and to deal with the road floodng issues beside Auburn House. An application can now be made to the War memorial trust for related work in restoring the monument itself and improvements to the Kirk Green lighting.
The application for an additional house beside Speedwell House has been withdrawn.

Thinking ahead to 2020 and Dirleton's participation in Scotland's Gardens Scheme
Carol Drysdale, the Dirleton Co-ordinator, will be contacting past participants regarding opening their Gardens again in June 2020, and encouraging new participants to join in. Click here for ideas on starting to prepare your garden to look its very best for next year's event

New Jogging Group In Dirleton
This takes place on Wednesdays and Sundays and meets up by the Phone Box on the Green st 9.30. The distance is 5km.