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Archerfield 10k

Archerfield 10k, 2019 , photo courtesy Bill Nimmo


The following are the most recent reports on meetings and events etc affecting the village
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Draft Minute of Dirleton Village Association January 2019 Meeting Click here
Dirleton Primary School's Monthly Newsletter January 2019 Click here
Dirleton School Partnership most recent Minutes March 2019
Dirleton Matters The Primary School Newspaper March 2019 Click here
Monthly Police Reports covering the Dirleton area Click here
Dirleton Neighbourhood Watch Click here for recent reports

New Community Councillors
Gullane Area Community Council is pleased to announce that Frank Neate and Les Sibbald have been appointed to the Community Council as members representing Aberlady and Gullane respectively. Mr Neate is a resident of Aberlady and Mr Sibbald a resident of Gullane. A small number of vacancies on the Community Council remain for representatives of these villages and of Dirleton and any residents of these villages who are interested in being considered for them and in taking an active part in community affairs is invited to make contact at

A new website for information on the Reprovisioning of Health and Community Care in the North Berwick Coastal Area This important development for our area will be developing over the coming years. Community engagement and views are crucial for its sucess. A website has been set up by the Health and Wellbeing Association of the Area Partnership to provide information and a forum. Click here to view.

Eligibility for Care Allowances for the under 65s
East Lothian Council is providing information that these new allowances, entitled Frank's Law, may now be available, where previously claimants needed to be over 65. This Scottish government legislation came into force at the beginning of April.
Click here for more details.

The Corontation Tree voted to stay in place
Richard Gardner, Chairman of the DVA , has commented on the recent DVA meeting::
Regarding the tree there was a robust debate at the meeting with some forthright opinions being expressed and a vote taken which resulted in the decision that the tree would remain where it its . This matter is now finally decided and off the Agenda.
Draft Minutes of this meeting will be available shortly.

A National Trust for Scotland Appeal to restore the wheel at Preston Mill
The appeal to restore the wheel has reached its target.

Support the Drem to Gullane Path Campaign
Register your support for this safe link by email.

A Remembrance Lunch hosted by the Health & Wellbeing Association will be held on Saturday 11th May to share memories of family and friends. Tickets are free and available from the North Berwick Community Centre, or the N.B. Day Centre where the event is to be held.

Interested in the Progress of the new East Lothian Community Hospital in Haddington?
Click here for the latest update on its progress.

A New Bus service for Dirleton
Prentice of Haddington have started up a new service on Monday 28th January. It is a number 122 and is called the Gullane Circle and provides a vital connection for Dirleton with Haddington and a stop at the new Community Hospital. The circle route includes Haddington, Ballencrieff, Drem, Fenton Barns, Dirleton, Gullane, and Aberlady. There will be six buses a day.
Click here for the timetable and route details. Many thanks for Keith Cornwell's advocacy work on this.

An Appeal has been lodged with the Scottish Government on the Castlemains Housing Development.
Queensberry Properties’s planning application was refused by ELC's Planning Committee in September. The developer has exercised their right to appeal against this decision and the DVA is now awaiting the results of this appeal.
The DVA has the support of the Association of the Protection of Rural Scotland to fight this inappropriate suburban development that will detract from the settings of Dirleton Castle and our conse rvation village.