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Committee members

Members of the Dirleton Village Association Committee for 2017819

Office Bearers:
Derek Carter, acting Honorary Chairman due to Richard Gardner retiring due to illness
Sheila Low, Honorary Treasurer

Committee Members:
Madeleine Barker
Keith Cornwell
Felicity Dingwall, Membership Secretary
John Finlay
Carl Hamer, Minutes Secretary
Fred McClintock
Mary McNie
David Tait

Representatives of Dirleton on the Gullane Area Community Council who are ex officio members of the Committee:
Tom Drysdale
There is currently a vacancy for a Community Councillor to represent Dirleton.

Voting Representative for the DVA on the North Berwick Coastal Area Partnership: Derek Carter with Anne Orr as substitute

The office bearers and other committee members are elected at the Annual General Meeting within the terms and arrangements stipulated in the Dirleton Village Association Constitution.